Saturday, May 7, 2011

Credit Sesame Review: A Better Way

I like to check my credit score on line several times during the year. I usually go through the free website AnnualCreditReport.Com. The three main credit reporting companies Experion, Equifax and Transunion are accessible from the web site. Every 4 months I stop by and get my credit report, using a different company. This is great for getting your credit report but not getting your credit score. These companies will give you your credit score but it's not free, there is an additional charge.
I have been reading about a new website that can give you your credit score for free it's a site called I went over and I signed up. Signing up is not hard at all. You enter some simple personal information and also your social security number. They access your credit file and ask some basic questions to verify you and your information.

After you sign up you will get your free credit score from Experian. It's not your FICO score, it's Experian's own "National Equivalency Score". It' is usually within a few points of your actual FICO score.

What Else Can Credit Sesame Do For You?

By using your credit score they can match you up with loans you can qualify for. Using other services will also give a list of loans you can apply for, but Credit Sesame will only offer you loans you will qualify for according to your credit profile. The idea being that a lower interest loan will help you pay off debt faster. Even over time, if you want, Credit Sesame will monitor your credit score and send you more information about loans when it becomes available. If you own a home it keeps tabs on its appraisal value to better match you up with refinance offers.

In the goals section your profile is used to help you minimalize your costs for your debts. If your goal is to save money Credit Sesame will offer alternate ways to pay your debt or refinance it.

In the Advice section, Credit Sesame will give you a range of scenarios on how paying your debts and loans will shorten the duration and costs of repayment. All to save you money.

How does Credit Sesame make any money if they are not charging me a fee?

In the About Section, they say that they are paid a fee if I use their site to apply for a loan and that they will not offer me any loans I can not qualify for.

What I like About Credit Sesame.

I like to stay on top of my finances and at Credit Sesame you can see all your loans, credit and debt in one place. Plus you get your credit score for free. It may not be my FICO score but it is better than paying a monthly fee for it. It's a good tool and it gives you a snapshot of your credit rating and debt. Even if you don’t end up getting a new loan, it’s a good overview and a free credit score, so check it out.

Click Here To Sign Up For Your Free Credit Sesame Account Today


  1. Nice review Dave! I've used CreditKarma, haven't tried CreditSesame yet. Though both don't offer FICO, these scores are a decent substitute.

    And they are free! What's not to like!

  2. Hi Dave, since we are selling our home and buying a new one, I'm obsessed with keeping our credit high. thanks for the resource.

  3. It looks pretty good. It's not FICO, but it's not bad for something free.

  4. I love free credit scores! I was so tired of all those companies that claimed to give free scores, but really wanted you to sign up for a monthly fee. It's great that there's something that's actually free.

  5. Freebies are always attractive! While it's not FICO, having an estimate close to it is a great resource- especially that it comes for free.

    High credit scores can save you a lot on interests. A high credit score means lower insurance premiums, lower mortgage rates and lower interests rates on other loans.

    Best regards,

    1. It looks pretty good. It's not FICO, but it's not bad for something free.

  6. Thanks for your writing .The blog idea too follow able . free credit annual report

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