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Sunday, September 29, 2013

5 Steps to Take your Business Global

Taking your business globally is a huge venture to undertake but there is a process that works. Here is how you can take your business global in five steps. 

1. Research and plan

Location is just as important online because websites are an extension of the country where they were created. Just like in the physical world, figure out and research which country will suit your goods and products the best. If your business is into exports then chose a market that is open to selling new products and have willingness to create it. However, be aware of laws, language, fees, and cost of shipping. Also be mindful of the strength of your currency on the market. Countries such as, Great Britain, Canada, Slovakia, New Zealand and Turkey are good choices for the dollar.

To get your research started check out these websites;

2. Take on partnerships

Your start-up plan for your business might have worked perfectly in your home area but it won't on a global scale. Scout out the best in crucial areas around the world and propose a partnership deal that will benefit both parties. Those local teams will already know the dos and don'ts for their market. Setup a license or distribution agreement if funds are low. On the enterprise side, contact business development partners. 

3. Setup a virtual office

Enough though you will have partnerships all over the world, you still do not have an office. It would look unprofessional if you sold a very popular product only to call a meeting at a local cafe. Virtual office suppliers have administration staff on hand and spaces all around the world for you to use. This could be conference rooms or simply an office already furnished. For more information on virtual offices check out Servcorp Virtual Office for ideas.

4. Invest in a foreign branch and employ your own staff

Think of it as having a franchise except you own it but it is overseas. Though travel is a must until you employ a business partner, the virtual office would still come in handy. Just be mindful of laws. Domestic management works better than foreign management because the country might lack managerial sources and other resources.

Market, market and then e-market

Advertising your business is a huge must because in other countries you are brand new. Nobody knows you and what you provide, so start by getting locals to market for you. This will outline the foundation for marketing and then you can expand on the client base they get. Market some more in a new creative way once you have learned the trends and then invest in e-marketing. It is better to do marketing on the ground first because you need to gain credibility first before tackling the online world.

Once all of these steps are completed, reassess the entire plan and evaluate the areas that need improvements. Business is a place that changes and there is always something new to learn. 

Friday, September 6, 2013

How to Find a Barter WebSite

Bartering is not an activity confined to Victorian England where goods were exchanged between companies for the same value because it is still practised today. In the digital age, there are many barter sites which are used by scores of organisations around the world. The services which it provides can be exchanged for what other companies or individuals specialise in. Tracking down a barter site can be difficult but here’s how to find one:

Ask contacts 

The contacts which an organisation has can be asked about the bartering sites they use. By asking multiple contacts, they could be given information about various bartering websites. When the same bartering website is mentioned, it is very popular and could be what an organisation joins.

Before choosing a bartering website based on such recommendations, ask contacts about their experience. If they have encountered any problems, an organisation will know what they are. In fact, there can be no faults with some websites or any of them. Consequently, these bartering websites could be used because of such positive feedback.

Post a message in an online forum

There are many online forums which enable organisations to pose questions to each other. By asking a question about a recommended barter site, an organisation could be inundated with replies. Although some bartering sites might not be trustworthy, the same logic here applies as with asking contacts – when the same bartering website is suggested several times, this indicates that it is popular.

Ask friends

Not only can a business contact be asked regarding the bartering sites which they recommend but also friends. The skills which a friend has can be bartered for goods between other people. The bartering sites which friends suggest could be entirely different than what various contacts mentioned and these can also be considered. 

Some of the bartering websites which are mentioned by friends could be the same as what an organisation’s contacts said which, therefore, further demonstrates their popularity. By investigating all of the sites that friends and other loved ones suggest, the merits of each can be written down. If there is one which seems to stand out from the rest, it can be added to another list that contains the sites which look very impressive and could be the most beneficial.

Search on video sharing websites

Many barter sites have released promotional videos stating the benefits of choosing it over their rivals. Explaining how easy it is to barter goods and services, videos for many bartering websites can be watched on such video sharing websites as YouTube and Vimeo. By entering ‘bartering site’ onto these and any other video sharing websites, several promotional videos can be found. 

Although not every video has to be watched because it can take a long time, the ones that have the most hits can be viewed instead. When a video has been watched thousands of times, the site which it promotes can be investigated further and could be what an organisation finally chooses.

Author Bio

Bartercard is one the leading barter sites that offer businesses a platform to exchange goods and services rather than part with currency such as cash. Find out more by visiting today.

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