Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The High Costs of Life or Death Dental Care (Infographic)

In a country with the best available health care available in the world, there is occurring an epidemic in dental care problems. It seems the increase of emergency room dental visits is due to the fact that people tend to neglect their oral health till it's to late and they are in dire pain. 

This procrastination of dental care not only costs the patient increased pain and discomfort but the costs to treat their problems is ten times higher than going to your local dentist before the trouble occurs.

Let this be the motivation you need to make an appointment to see your family dentist. I realize how expensive the dentist can be but check out this infographic and see what you're in for by neglecting your teeth.

Emergency Room Dentists Infographic



  1. Who needs a dental insurance that costs the same as a regular life plan or a health insurance for that matter? It's not like one has to be worried over getting some cavities or bad gums to be hospitalized, eh? Just make it a habit to visit your gentle dentist in boca raton, or wherever! That's the bottomline.

    1. The cost of modern dentistry has risen dramatically over the last decade. This causes many people to avoid seeing a dentist regularly which even worse. Those without insurance are going to suffer the worse both financially and orally

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