Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Can You Start At 50+? Part 1

START / STOPImage by Compound Eye via Flickr
The question is: Do I have a choice? Waiting so long to finally wake up and do something has really put me into a corner. It has forced me to get going. I'm worried I won't have enough money to retire on. Which is so true because I don't. I have a wife and family, they're not going anywhere. It's hard to believe I'll be 70 in 18 years. Wow. Still 18 years is far away. A lot can happen in that amount of time.
Now that I know I'm screwed I have to remember my goals. I must stay on track. My second goal is to pay off all debts but the mortgage. That means no saving till that's done. It's going to take a while to accomplish that. But later I'll be able to save at a greater rate. I am going to focus on the debt payments because it will free up more money to invest.
        The lack of focus can keep knocking you off track. The constant starting an stopping makes you just want to give up. You only have so much money to pay bills and save. The trouble starts when life happens. A car repair, medical bill, home repair or not budgeting for an upcoming event. You must be prepared for all these things or you will put back to the beginning. Paying better attention to your money is key.

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  1. Yes!! Wakeup in the right time, that having you are>>>>
    Start saving plan for future.....


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