Saturday, August 14, 2010

Teaching Kids About Work and Money

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Kids are dumb. You have to teach them everything. Except to eat and watch TV. We have to teach them many things in life and one of the most important things is to work. Teaching your kids to work and having a work ethic is not easy. We had 6 kids in the house at one time. Giving them all chores to do was a time consuming task. Some did there chores well and when they were supposed to and some didn't. It was a job to keep on top of them.

Some parents give ther children an allowance. But in our case it wasn't practical. Handing out money to six kids would force us to get a bookeeper to keep track. We figured they had all they needed so no allowance. They didn't seem to suffer because of it or ever complain. It just wasn't done. You may decide to give your children an allowance yet it seems unnecessary. When I was young we never got one either. We didn't miss it.

Now when they were older their chores increased. Now they started to look for money. They also wanted cell phones. It was starting to get expensive. My Wife and I decided they needed to get jobs. It took some time but they did. Now they paid for there own cell phones with their money. The jobs also filled their time and kept them out of our hair. But don't forget they had to be taken to and from work. More time spent on our part.

They were taught how to spend and where to spend their money. Teaching how to buy things always looking for getting the most value for there money. They also learn the idea of preparedness. Getting somewhere on time. Preparing there clothing and seeing their uniforms or clothes are washed and ready for work. If your kids learn anything, I hope the one thing they learn is Work = Money. My Father always says "You don't work you don't eat."

Todays kids Have many bad examples of people on television, having plenty money and things, but you never see them going to work. They see people just having money. To see on TV an example of someone working hard is rare. If you don't teach your children good habits who will.

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  1. Giving kids too much for free certainly teaches them all the wrong lessons in life. TV, especially things and MTV and E TV, just reinforces this notion of get rich quick and everything in life should be free.

  2. Its true. I asked my 10 year old daughter what she wanted to be when she grew up. She said' "A Celebrity".


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