Wednesday, August 18, 2010

We Are All Self-Employed

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As we have found out, in today's economy, there is no job security. Large companies like General Motors and Ford can close up. Many companies are going bankrupt and their employees are now looking for employment  elsewhere.  Business are on shaky ground because of the economy. Your are no longer guaranteed your job. You will eventually lose or leave your job.  But was that ever not true? .
 When you are employed you think that by doing your job and doing it well you are thinking you have job security. The idea that you work for an employer is an old attitude. You may find out that there is no such thing as a secure job. We are finding out the great autoworker jobs maintained by a strong union are not so secure. Even the Post Office may cut off Saturday delivery to reduce losses. Even the city and county workers in California are living with 15% wage cutbacks. 
You must reexamine the notion of you being an employee.  Don't see yourself as one. You should see yourself as a one person company, providing services to one customer. You are now self-employed. You are your own boss. This entails all the details of running a company. The first is providing a product to sell. That product is you.  The product must work correctly and provide the service need by you customer. If it doesn't fulfill the necessary requirements the customer will not continue to buy the product. You will be fired.

Second you must provide good communication with your customer. A necessary and timely interaction on the quality and delivery of the product. Is your performance in line with whats required for your work.

Third you must provide customer service. This entails follow-up on your products quality. Is it performing up to  advertised specifications. If its not your fired.
If you like you can always stay the employee. But you can also take on new challenges and think like a Boss. There is always time to express your purpose and passion for your life. Cliff Hakim in his book "We Are All Self-Employed" says "Believing that you work for an employer and acting as though by doing your work, your job will be secure - is a relic of an era long past."    
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  1. I'm a big believer in Me, Inc. That even if you get your paycheck from a large corporation you are still working for yourself and no one else. In fact, the more time you have with a company, the more you are at risk of being let go so you have to plan your life as if you are a freelancer.

  2. Its true but most employees don't realize it. Especially as your salary increases. Your an item on the spreadsheet that could be cut for cheaper labor.


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