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5 Ways To Deal With Co-Workers From Hell

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Here I am offering 5 tips to make it a little easier to get along with that pain in the @$$ at work. Don't waste energy having a breakdown on account of someone you can't stand. 
Dealing with Co-Workers Tip #1: Be prepared for Conflict 

If you have some in the organization who is difficult be prepared for a potential situation. If you don't you may react with anger or some useless childish behavior that will only make the situation worse. 
It may help to practice a potential argument in your head to get ready for the situation. Listen to what your saying to see if it comes across as immature or foolish. Also remember to not be wishy-washy, uphold your morals and values. Don't be arrogant but be self-confident. And by all means don't letthe person get under your skin , be ready for cheap shots. 

Your job is already quite stressful with deadlines and difficult bosses. Not getting along with co-workers makes your job ten times more difficult. You have no choice but to try and get along or just change jobs. 

Dealing with Co-Workers Tip #2: Don't fuel the fire. 

If tempted to retaliate, don't. People who cause tension and confrontation also thrive on it. They feel powerful with an exchange of harsh words. Don't get sucked in, you'll only look like the bad guy. Instead react in the opposite way they expect, be nice to them. It drives irrational people crazy. You'll either become friendly with them or drive them away. 
Dealing With Difficult Co-Workers Tip #3: Lend a Helping Hand 

It may not work in all situations but difficult people may be just a troubled person or someone with poor social skills. They end up making enemies instead of friends because they have money problems or marriage problems at home. This makes them an actual miserable person to be around. They may not be justified in mistreating you, but at least you know why they act the way they do. 
Dealing With Difficult Co-Workers Tip#4: Get a Third Party Involved. 
No matter how hard you try you may just not be able to get through to the person. This is when you get a neutral party to help. They can listen to both sides and try to find common ground. 
Dealing With Difficult Co-Workers Tip#5: Move On 
You tried your best and nothing worked. You will reach a point where it's not going to be resolved. If one of you doesn't move on your going to have to suck it up or quit. If this treatment by the person effects your productivity it could he considered grounds for termination. But before all this occurs be careful in examining your own behavior and if your doing the right things. Most of all don't ignore the situation it will only get worse. 


  1. You mean handling it the post office way doesn't work? Just kidding. These are good tips.

  2. I appreciate all your tips. I want to emphasize your comment about carefully examining your own behavior. I have found in my work that when you are able to recognize and eliminate your "hot buttons" most of the situations and people that were once difficult disappear. If there's no hot button to push, there's no problem. Starting with "you" puts you in the driver's seat, empowers your choices and stops you from being a victim to someone else's behavior.


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