Monday, September 6, 2010

Michael Douglas & Life

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Michael Douglas revealed this week that he has throat cancer. He is going through a regiment of radiation and chemotherapy. Fortunately his doctor found it in time to start treatment. Doctors say that the cause of the tumor was probably Douglas' smoking and drinking habits. Although the cancer has spread to his lymph nodes, it remains in his neck giving him a 80 percent chance at recovery. It's still unknown how this will effect his acting career. 
This news is of great interest to all of us especially to us over 50 years old. At this time of our lives we have to be on the look out for many different kind of illnesses, especially cancer. It starts in our late forty's with checking of the prostate. In the 50's, 60's and 70's we also must look out for skin and other related cancers. Mr. Douglas is 65 years old and still very active. If his doctors have caught the cancer early enough he can remain acting and speaking. 
Every few years a high profile person is in the news with a health crisis. Last time it was Farrah Fawcett and her cancer battle. Do we ever learn anything from their tragedy's. Do we change our health care habits? Do we get check-ups and cancer screenings. I hope some of us do. 
At 65 years of age Mr. Douglas is at a time he can relax and enjoy his success. His lovely wife and two small children are there to make his years even more precious. His life reminds me of what our lives could be at 65. Are we enjoying the life we prepared for, are we prepared. In a financial way are we ready. 
It's seems that preparation and planning are paramount for our successful retirement years. Our health also must be prepared for our older years. Do we exercise and eat healthy. Do we get regular check-ups? Maybe Michael Douglas was prepared in all these ways, yet he still got sick. It's something to think about and prepare for.

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  1. I wish Michael Douglas all the best. His illness, like Farrah Fawcet, highlight the need for routine checkups and closely monitoring your health as you head into your 50's and 60's.


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