Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A Horse Named Government

Seal of Kennebec County, MaineImage via Wikipedia I was reading thru a news article about the Gubernatorial race in Maine. On a local newspaper website called the  "Kennebec Journal" (  in  Kennebec County Maine including Augusta, Maine I saw in the opinion section this letter to the editor: 

There once was a farmer, who, like all farmers, lived off his land with little or no help from anyone else. He was never hungry, fed and clothed his family, and sold some of his extra products to his neighbors.

One day, the farmer was given a horse named Government. He was told that he would be able to do so much more with Government in his life, that he would be able to produce more and have more time for leisure. 

Nobody told him that Government required care and feeding and sometimes got sick and didn’t work very well. He had to grow extra crops to feed Government, and so actually needed Government to help support itself. Government also left large piles of mess that the farmer had to, periodically, clean out of his barn. The more the farmer used Government, the more he thought he needed it.

At some point in time, the farmer realized that, if he had just been left alone, he would be just fine without Government, but what should he do with Government?

Give him to another farmer? That didn’t seem ethical, knowing what had happened to him. It seemed as though he was stuck with Government and all its good and bad attributes.

David Kahl

I hope in the next election people cast their vote with the sentiments of this gentleman in Maine. The Founding Fathers had a healthy fear of an all to powerful government we should keep that in mind.

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  1. I have to admit, I have that just leave me the f#*! alone and I'll be so much better off attitude.


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