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7 Youtube Channels That Teach You How To Handle Money.

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In our quest to learn what to do with our money we seek information from friends, family and also professional financial planners. Some of the things we need to know are: Are you saving and investing enough? Do you know how to save and invest? How do we plan for retirement? We need information to make decisions. A lot of us go to the web. We read blogs and information websites. What else can do to get the information needed? A lot of good information is on YouTube. YouTube is great, just sit back, watch and learn. I'm listing a few of my favorites. Check them out.


Kiplinger on YouTube has hundreds of videos covering a wide variety of subjects. It has something for all ages and  knowledge levels. It's brought to you by the people who publish the Kiplinger Magazine.


Everyone has heard of Morningstar, the people that publish the great information on mutual funds. This page concentrates a lot on investing subjects. There is a good amount of interviews with the industry leaders. You will find the interesting Morningstar lead financial planner Christine Benz. She has a lot of good financial planning information to share.

CBS MoneyWatch

Here you will find good advice concerning Real Estate, Investing, Banking, and Personal Finance. This channel has the backing and resources of CBS News. You will see CBS reporters filling their network stories and web only financial stories.

Sound Investing TV

Sound Investing TV is produced by Paul Merriman founder of Merriman Investing. Paul is dedicated to teaching and giving good information about investing and finance. He is a big advocate of the Lazy Portfolio theory of investing through index funds. You will find Paul's homespun style of teaching very informative. I highly recommend this channel.

The Saving and Investing Channel

This channel is run by Michael Fischer, author of "Saving and Investing". This channel has Michael teaching the concepts his book describes. He covers all subjects from banking, no-loads, shorting and mutual funds. He really covers the entire gamut of investing and financial information. His videos usually run about five minutes and are concise and informative. A good reference source for all you new investors.

Money Talks News

Money Talks News has hundreds of quick 2 minute videos with the most variety of topics of all the channels. From foreclosures to Thanksgiving tips, this channel covers it all. You will be kept busy for hours watching all these videos, but you will definitely learn a lot.

Cambridge Credit

Cambridge Credit Counseling focuses on credit, debt, and saving. They cover other things like banking and budgeting. They try to help people through their offices with debt problems. Their videos teach people to save and budget as a way to get out of debt. They have a very informative channel.

You will find a lot of other videos scattered all over YouTube concerning financial teaching and information. These channels put it all in one place so you don't have to go all over searching for that needed information. So sit back with a nice cup of coffee and enjoy some videos


  1. Thanks for the tip. I watch Kiplinger, Morningstar, Moneywatch, and Sound Investing regularly. I'll have to check out the others.

  2. Thank you for these great suggestions.

  3. I use YouTube to learn how do do things, such as installing crown molding or hang kitchen cabinets, but I wasn't aware that all of these great financial resources were on YouTube. I need to get into the 21st century and check them out. Thanks for these resources.


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