Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Harry Potter Star Responsible With Money

If you are living under a rock you may not know that the latest Harry Potter movie came out. One more time hoards of wizards and muggles are rushing to theaters to see the latest adventures of one Harry Potter. This is the seventh movie with one more to go. The Harry Potter film franchise is the highest grossing film series of all time when not adjusted for inflation, with well over 5 billion dollars in worldwide receipts. It has made stars out of the 3 main characters. These 3 young people have had fame and fortune cast upon them. Ten years ago they were penniless, now they are millionaires.

Young stars with instant fame and fortune have usually gone down the wrong path. Some have crashed and burned like Lindsay Lohan and Brittany Spears. They've gotten into drugs and alcohol.

But here is a young woman who has managed to stay away from all that nonsense. It's "Harry Potter" star Emma Watson. This 20 year old actress, through all her fame, has chosen another way. Her fame has made her a millionaire many times over. Money hasn't changed her. She remarked "By the third or fourth film, the money was starting to get .... serious. I had no idea. I felt sick, very emotional. It was a real shock". Her fortune is estimated to be around $32 million dollars.

Currently she is a student at Brown University in the United States. She is doing some acting and voice over work at this time.

What makes one person go over the edge and another remain completely grounded? We are all exposed to the same temptations of life. Yet one young woman is managing it, while the other is dreadfully failing.

One theory is money makes you more of what you already are. If your a jerk, money will make you a major jerk. If you tend to a life of debauchery, money will only magnify that. If your are a kind hearted person, you will only be more of that.

The tip off I got from Emma Watson's comment was her physical reaction to learning how much money she did have. I am assuming it probably was her parents who told her, because they are managing it. And because they didn't tell her before, I believe they are caring parents that didn't want it to go to her head. The result was disciplined parents producing a level headed child. A lesson for all of us. This actress is going places.

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  1. It would be a most refreshing story to hear about a child actor who grew up into a well-adjusted, successful adult.


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