Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Make Money, Sell Your Stuff, Try WorthMonkey.com

Now that the holidays are over, you may need some cash to pay off those abused credit cards. You go over to EBay and list your stuff. But don't know what price to sell your items for. That's where WorthMonkey.com comes in.

You enter the item you want a price for and hit the search button. You will see a list of the price range of the item searched. Worth Monkey also gives you a list of where you can buy the item along with the prices.

Worth Monkey was founded in July of 2010. Based in San Luis Obispo, California. Worth Monkey sees itself as the blue book for used electronics and more. The idea arose from the need to find what a good price of item was before purchasing. With some knowledgeable people and only a few experts, it was hard to get an accurate price range. Worth Monkey is intended to give users a single resource to find out the value of an item before they buy or sell without the need to consult someone else.

Worth Monkey is a site that does not sell anything. It's intended to give users a n independent resource to find information and pricing on products they want to buy or sell. The also helps users find the sellers of the products they want to buy. Checking Worth Monkey, before making your purchase can save the buyer a great deal of money.

Using the site is extremely easy. The initial page gives users exactly what they need. No annoying banner ads or clutter. Just type in the item to be searched for and your done. The search bar is large with no distractions. Only a few buttons taking you to Worth Monkeys about page, feedback, and registering.

There is no cost to use Worth Monkey. You can access it without an account. No subscription or fees involved. If you do register you will be allowed to enter feedback on the search and you will be able to enter what you believe the item is worth. Worth Monkey promises many more registration only features in the future.

Worth Monkey is best for users who do a lot of online buying. A novice will have no trouble searching for items and comparing prices. It's free and you can search as often as you like.

So why use Worth Monkey instead of just searching on Google? The only benefit at the moment is the precise focus on the search and not having to deal with all the extra clutter of a google search. Worth Monkey is in it's initial debut period but they promise even more features to come.

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