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How to Freeze Your Credit Report

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Before asking the agencies to freeze your credit report, you should know the particular rules, fees, and regulations for each state. Where you live can affect the costs involved and the duration of the freeze itself. Once you know the rules for your state, you should gather the following information:

  1. Your name.
  2. Your social security number.
  3. Your date of birth.
  4. Your address.
  5. Any addresses over the last two to five years.
  6. For Experian and Equifax, proof of current address, such as copy of a utility bill, or bank or insurance statement.
  7. For Experian and Transunion, a copy of your driver's license or state-issued identification card.
  8. If you have been the victim of identity theft, and are claiming exemption from fees, you must also provide a copy of a police report, investigative report, or report filed with a law enforcement agency.
  9. If you are over 65, and your state grants a free exemption for senior citizens, you may also have to provide proof of age.
  10. Send all of the required information, along with a clearly worded request for the bureau to freeze your credit report, via certified mail to the addresses below.A few states allow you to send the information by regular mail, and a few even allow you to place a freeze over the phone. In order to help you get started, we have included links to sample freeze request letters provided by the AARPbelow.
  11. If you have any questions for a specific credit reporting agency, you can visit their website or try to call them at the numbers below. You should understand that the agencies may try to discourage you from freezing your credit, as this is their business, and it is not in their best interest. However, only you can decide whether freezing your credit is a good idea.
Equifax: 1-888-685-1111
Experian: 1-888-EXPERIAN (1-888-397-3742)
TransUnion: 1-888-909-8872


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