Sunday, March 6, 2011

Is Charlie Sheen Crazy?

Charlie Sheen in March 2009Image via WikipediaLately I have been following the misadventures of our friend Charlie Sheen. Over the last 20 years Charlie's life has consisted of run ins with prostitutes, porn stars, drugs, alcohol, and domestic violence. But through his ups and downs he has managed to work and even become more successful.

Charlie Sheen is a well liked actor who has done very well for himself. He makes $2 million an episode on his popular show "Two and a Half Men". He's pushing to raise that to $3 million dollars at the current time. The movie and TV moguls are condemning him for his behavior. But are falling over each other to get him to be on their programs. The powers that be know he is a money machine when he appears in TV or movies.

Everyone is trying to figure out what makes Charlie tick. Whenever he has a crisis he manages to land on his feet and continue on. He's been removed from work presently and the show has been shut down.

Charlie's problem is he hasn't managed to escape from what's know as "Hollywooditis". It's the malady that occurs when you mix large amounts of money with idilic adoration. We have seen it many times before from our Hollywood stars. As far back as Clark Gable, misaligned values surface when a person is put on a pedestal.

It also can happen in places where people are put in the position of having large amounts of power, like our leaders in federal and state capitals. Surrounded by money and power the personal boundaries or checks and balances fall to the wayside.

We can also see these things in our own local world. We all know someone that is full of themselves because of money.

The bottom line is no one is excusing Charlie Sheen's behavior. He's demonstrating the concept of money makes you more of whatever you are. It magnifies whatever you are. If you are a jerk, money makes you a massive jerk. If you are caring, money makes you and allows you to be more caring.

Hopefully Charlie Sheen will be able to work out his demons, for his sake and his 5 children.


  1. it's a bit like watching a car accident, you don't want to look but you can't not look! it will be interesting to see how it all pans out in the end

  2. He is a wreck occurring in slow motion. The comparison between some of Sheen's statement to Qadaffi's ramblings is quite striking.

  3. Yes, I think the man is mentally unstable.
    I do not liken him to any politician I know- since I have met more than a few in real life and they are still people- putting on their pants one leg at a time. The ones I know do not threaten their two year olds with cutting off their heads and sending them to their mother.
    Then, I have refused to watch Sheen for a number of years. His family knows he needs help- but the public- in the same way they support rapist football players- continues to support him ruining his life. Our society is not far from what happened at the end of the Roman Empire---and knowing that half of the society is in financial debt and many others in moral debt---is complicit in the destruction.
    Whew- heavy....

  4. My initial response to your post is YES!! He is crazy!! It will be a miracle if he lives to see his kids grow up. I feel so bad for his kids.... they are the innocent victims.

    ~The Lasik surgery, I would do again in a heartbeat!~ No regrets at all!

  5. Charlie is at his peak of nuttyness now. I wonder if he was always like this. If not, what pushed him over the edge?

  6. I would like to put Charlie up against Gary Busey and see what happens


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