Saturday, March 12, 2011

Would You Move To Another Country If It Meant You Would Prosper?

American investor Jim Rogers in Madrid (Spain)...Image via WikipediaFamed global investor Jim Rogers says if you want to prosper in the 21st Century, move to Asia. You may not know that Jim Rogers has put his money where his mouth is and did move to Singapore in 2007. He is raising his two little girls there and making sure they learn Mandarin. He is very bullish on Asia and says it's the place to be for the 2000's. He says it's not only for the success of his own assets. But for positioning his heirs for success.

He stated:

"In 1807, if you had moved to the U.K., you and your heirs would have been much, much better off for the next 100 years. If in 1907 you had moved to the U.S., you and your heirs would have been much better off for the next 100 years. 
In 1907, if you had stayed in Poland or China, you would not have had a great future, nor your families. Had you moved to America, [your descendants] would have had a much better future. Who knew what they would do, if they would become doctors or what, in the next 100 years. But whatever happens to them, they were better off. They spoke English, which became the world's language. 
My view is that the 21st century is going to be the century of Asia, of China. If I'm right about the future, you are going to have a better life [if you move there], better opportunities, and better everything going where the action is, where the assets are."
In my view, moving to Asia in 2007 means my heirs are going to be much better off in the next 100 years.
A thoughtful explanation of the last 2 centuries of history. But will it happen again in Asia? Jim Rogers is wealthy enough to move wherever he wants. Also he can do business from any part of the world. But Asia is where the action is for the 21st century, he claims.

Think for a minute, would you leave the U.S and move to another country for financial gain? We know millions that have left their country and traveled to the U.S. They did it for a better future for their family. It's the same idea Jim Rogers is talking about. Is he so wrong to do the exact thing?

Could you pick up and leave the U.S. Many already live abroad and are happy doing it. At first it seemed I didn't think I could make the leap. If offered an enticing job abroad, would I go for it? I don't know. What do you think? Would you ever leave the U.S.?

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