Thursday, April 7, 2011

If There Is A Goverment Shut Down, What Services Will Be Curtailed?

"Sorry We're Closed" sign at Little ...Image via WikipediaCongress has till Friday to finish it's work on the budget, if it doesn't, the government will shutdown. What does it mean for the government to shut down? How will it hurt the average citizen? Democrats and the President say it will hurt Americans deeply. What does that mean, I am not convinced. Let's look at the facts.

Fact: Only one in four federal employee would likely be furloughed, that's 800,000 workers. These workers would not be connected with any services connected to human life or protection of property. That's according to a 1981 law called the Deficiency Act.

What would stay open?

Armed Forces. The troops would continue to work and Congress is trying to pass a law to ensure they are still paid. Border security would be operating and our ports and airports would still be open.

Secret Service. The president would still be protected.

Airport Traffic Control. All traffic controllers at airport would still be at their job. Even the good ole' TSA would still be patting us down.

Post Office. The Post Office would still be delivering your mail because it is a self financing service running on it's own funds, not needing taxpayer support.

Federal Reserve. Ben Bernanke would still have to go to work along with his whole crew.

Social Security. Everyone would still get their social security checks. But new applicant would have to wait till new funding arrives.

What will shutdown?

Passport Applications. If your in a hurry to get your new passport or a renewal, you are going to be waiting a while.

The Federal Housing Administration. If your dealing with the FHA you will be experiencing a slowdown in your application.

Internal Revenue Service. You will be waiting a little longer to get your refund. The IRS is not on the priority list of essential services.

Of course who is to blame for all this, you guested it, our friendly representatives in Congress. They have had since September of last year to get this job done. They have constantly voted to extend the passage of the budget till the last minute. The blame is squarely on their shoulders. Both parties


  1. Not to mention the billions in lost revenue! I hope these feuding parties come to a consensus already!

  2. It will be a miracle if they get this right. We are in deep trouble financially. These guys in DC just don't get the seriousness of the situation. They are all asleep at the wheel.

    On main street people struggle and fight everyday to make a buck. These guys in DC haven't got a clue.


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