Tuesday, April 26, 2011

It's Time To Cut Costs And Save Money, Here's How

Ten-dollar bill obverse/reverseImage by LividFiction via FlickrIt's getting tough out there. Most all my bills are going up. My car insurance bill has been sneaking up. I just changed companies and will be saving $50 per month, locked in for a year. It's a challenge to find ways to save that hard earned dollar.

Save Electric

  • Boil your water in the microwave instead of on the stove. If you use the stove make sure to cover the pots to not lose the heat and use the appropriate size burners. Your saving 60 percent of your energy using a microwave.
  • Pack your freezer with food because it's easier to keep it frozen when there are more items in there. If you don't have the items, using a bag of ice will do the same thing. Your freezer will run less and save electric.
  • In the winter lower the thermostat. Each degree lower you set it will save you 3 percent on your heating bills. Water filled air retains heat better so place pans of water near the heat registers to add moisture to the air.

Save Water

  • Save water on every flush by adding a gallon or half gallon container of water to the flush tank. The savings can really add up the more toilets you have.
  • Collect your rain water to water your garden. You can make your own with a plastic garbage can.
  • Fix that leaky faucet or toilet. Just six drops per minute will waste over 6,428 gallons of water per year.
  • Shower faster. A 15 minute shower per day costs $310 per year. Cut that shower by 5 minutes and save an easy $100 per year.

Save In the garden

  • At your home improvement store buy torn or ripped bag goods. They always mark down damaged mulch and fertilizer bags. Go at the end of the weekend to find the greatest selection.
  • Also wilted or mishapped plants can be picked up for a song here also.

Save With Your computer

  • Save on printer ink by using the Century Gothic Font which consumes 1/3 less ink when printed. That could save up to the cost of one printer cartridge per year.
  • Have your computer plugged into a electrical strip and switch it off when you shut down. It's sucking that phantom power even when it's off. Set your monitor to shut off after 5 minutes of being idle. It's easily wakes up when move your mouse.

Get organized

  • Organized homes go hand in hand with saving money. Extra books or text books will fetch a few dollars. Sell them on Ebay.com or Amazon.com. Or try cash4books.net or sellbackyourbook.com
  • Sell your old furniture on Craigslist.com or give it away to Freecycle.org.
  • Donate your your unused household item to Goodwill or other worthy services. Make sure to get that donation receipt to use on next years taxes. Keep track of those donations at Itsdeductible.com.

There are many ways to save and earn a little money. We need it more than ever in this economy.

What ways can you add to this list ?


  1. Wow, what a fantastic way to start saving!

    It's very practical for all. No investment,no hard work,just conscious mind- only this is needed to save a lot of money by the year.

  2. Can you make up a list to send to Congress and the administration? They could use some good, practical ideas on how to save money.


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