Thursday, June 30, 2011

Goodby ING Direct, Hello Perkstreet Financial

Image representing PerkStreet Financial as dep...Image via CrunchBaseLike a lot of ING Direct customers I am very disappointed in the decision to sell the company to Capital One. Capital One is acquiring one of the finest banking companies on the web. I believe that Capital One will not keep the fine customer service and great fee structure that ING Direct delivered for so many years. It may be premature to abandon ship at so early a time but am not going to wait around and see what happens.

Without ING what are my alternatives. I need a bank with free checking and a free ATM. The ATM card must also let me use it for making charges. It also has to have a reward program.

The only bank that suits all those requirements is PerkStreet Financial. I have been using PerkStreet  Financial for a while and have found that it lives up to its claims.

What I like about PerkStreet is they have a 2% unlimited cash rebate on purchases for your first 3 months (and longer, if you maintain more than a $5,000 balance). If you keep less than $5,000 on hand, they will still give you 1% cash back after the initial offering.

The rest of the year they offer 5% (with a $250 annual limit) on various categories and retailers. Not bad for a checking account.

I also use the Chase Amazon Card which gives me 1% back on purchases and 3% when used at Amazon. Now I use the PerkStreet Debit MasterCard for more and more bill payments so I can add to my reward total.

I don't have direct deposit, so I use my other bank to transfer the cash to PerkStreet, all at no charge. I like to pay my utilities and repeating monthly bills through PerkStreet to also add to my cash back total.

It's very easy to apply for an account online and you can fund your account through your current bank account. You can sign up for an account today with the details below.

Improve your financial life with the PerkStreet FinancialSM Debit MasterCard®. Save money, have fun and stay on budget with the only unlimited 2% cash back debit card. Don't miss out. Sign up today.

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