Saturday, July 9, 2011

Do You Have Coupon Etiquette ? - 5 Rules For Easy Coupon Shopping

Customers waiting in line to check out at the ...Image via WikipediaAre you one of those out of control coupon clippers like those found on the TLC show "Extreme Couponing"? Recently many stores have changed or updated their coupon rules to clear up any questions of how the coupons are to be used. Our local supermarket has published a new use of coupon rules in each store because things have gotten out of hand. The problem is some shoppers are abusing the use of coupons and this may make it harder for the average couponer to shop.

If you are an avid coupon user there are a few simple rules to follow to make the whole experience a little less stressful for the cashier and the people in line behind you.

Rule #1. Don't clear off the shelves when you make purchases. It's bad form for you and keeps other shoppers from cashing in on the great deals. Also the store may not know the shelves are emptied out, so its better to only purchase a small amount. If you must make a large purchase either call ahead to the store so they can arrange to put aside enough items for your purchase and not have bare shelves. Also make your large purchase not just in one store, but spread it over a couple of stores.

Rule #2. Be organized at check out. When checking out have all your coupons organized and not just in a messy pile facing all different ways. It shows respect for the cashier and the people waiting in line behind you. Also make sure the coupons are not expired and that you are following the rules of the store in their use.

Rule #3. Try to plan your shopping at a slow time of the day. Holding up the line with coupon redemption at the peak shopping times shows bad form and is inconsiderate of other people. It irritates other customers when you are trying to use so many coupons, so go when you know its the slowest time of the day.

Rule #4. Be polite to the cashier and other customers. You may know more about coupons than the cashier but it's no excuse to be rude or impatient. Use your manners and stay calm if there is a problem. Ask to speak to the head cashier if extra help is needed. Also alert customers behind you that you have coupons and that there may be a delay. Let people behind you in line go ahead if they only have a couple of items.

Rule #5. Follow the rules. Know the rules of the store your shopping at. Don't be pushy with your coupons. If you are having a problem with the use of the coupon just skip that particular one. It's not worth arguing over something like that, it's better to not be known as the neighborhood coupon freak. It's better to build a friendship with the store and the cashiers that work there. Also make sure you have the correct item for that coupon and that the coupon is not expired.

Shopping with coupons will save you a lot of money. Following these few rules will make the experience pleasant for all.

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