Friday, July 29, 2011 Is A For Women, Only Better

Alexa Von Tobel of LearnVestImage by Courtbean via is a personal finance site for women. It's been around since 2009 but a recent cash infusion of $19 million dollars has allowed it to really become a real player in the financial aggregator field. It's trying to be a for women. 

It was founded by entrepreneur Alexa Von Tobel, who wanted to design a website attuned to the financial needs of women., which has one million users, is launching My Money Center, which like, allows women to aggregate all of their financial accounts, such as bills, credit cards, checking accounts, savings, 401K and more, to give users a comprehensive view into the health of their finances. Members can link all of their accounts into a Financial Inbox, which allows them to track their spending.

What sets it apart from similar websites is it's offering personalized financial advice via the LearnVest Advice Center, in which members can submit questions focused on their own financial situations and will receive a tailored response within a matter of hours. This is included in LearnVest’s premium membership, which costs $4.99 per day, $39.99 for three months and $129.99 for a year. The Advice Center also offers access to LearnVest Courses, which help women create a financial plan.

The word learn is in Learnvest because the founder of the website feels education is an integral part of being successful with your money. To help in this goal Learnvest has "BootCamps" where over a period of time you are educated in basic financial subjects. The three online programs, include a Financial Basics Bootcamp, Cut Your Costs Bootcamp, and Investing Bootcamp. Instead of creating a book-like online experience, LearnVest is making email newsletters the foundation of the educational sessions.

The integration between the bootcamp educational sessions and the user’s LearnVest profile is key to the success of the initiative.

Von Tobel explains, women need more tailored financial products in the same way that women join female-focused gyms. It’s about building sound financial habits, she explains, and a more personalized, tailored approach helps this.

There is a promo code, courtesy of, for a free one day pass for the premium service. Just enter the code ‘tc2011′ in the next week when signing up. Also there is another free day pass code "daypass2011", good till August 2.

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  1. I think this tool will really help women to have peace of mind over their normal finances and will be of real help for those with really complicated ones. Live when investing or running a SB


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