Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Men: If You Want To Have A Longer, Healthier Life Have Your Wife Retire

Senior couple on cycle rideImage by SCA Svenska Cellulosa Aktiebolaget via FlickrAARP has a Health Discovery article that claims men will have a longer and healthier life if their wife retires. Angela Curl, assistant professor of social work at the University of Missouri, did a survey analyzing working couples over many years at the university's Health and Retirement Study. The surprising results revealed men feel their health improves when their wives retire.

"Women tend to monitor their husbands' well-being, making sure they eat right, go to the doctor, get some exercise, socialize," Curl says. The reciprocal of the wives claim of a healthier life did not happen. It seems the wife has a much more natural care giving tendency than men do.

When the wives retire they generally rated their health as worse during the first few years after they left their jobs, but then said it improved as time went on.

I find that this husband/wife ecosystem extends to other facets of life. Women tend to socialize more outside their jobs while men have more friendships integrated to their workplace. Success in life and business tends to be increased when a wife is there to guide and nurture the situation, keeping things on track.

Lower risk from heart disease.

Men can thank their spouses again because the reason married men have a lower risk of death from heart disease may be because their wives encourage them (ok, nag them) to go to the E.R. when they’re having the symptoms of a heart attack.

But again the reciprocal doesn't hold true, married women having chest pain did not get to the hospital sooner than single women.

I see in my own life how the marriage dynamic keeps things on track for me. I am grateful to my wife for the consistent gentle persuasion or nagging that is good for my health and happiness. The odd thing is even if my wife isn't there at the moment, I hear that voice in my head telling me the right thing.

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