Friday, August 26, 2011

Mobile Home Becomes Vacation Home Becomes Retirement Home

Exterior of a modern manufactured homeImage via WikipediaNear my home there are many mobile home parks filled with retiree's. It's a great place to live because the weather is great most of the time and it's a ten minute drive to the beach. Many people chose manufactured homes because of the lower costs when compared to apartments, condos, homes, and townhouses.

Friends from Illinois come down to visit us often and they stay in their manufactured home. Whenever they visited they had to pay for a hotel. Over the years spending money on a place to stay got pretty expensive. Through the grapevine we learned about a manufactured home nearby that was being sold. We went over to take a look at it and recommended it to our friends. They fell in love with it, the rest is history. For them it works out great because they save on hotel and restaurant expenses allowing them to stay with us longer. When they finally get around to retiring they will sell their Illinois home and move permanently here.

Manufactured homes are often overlooked as an answer to the affordable housing problems we have in the country. An idea like this would work out for newlyweds, students,and people just starting out in the work force. It would save them a lot of money over more expensive alternatives like apartment rentals. It's something to look into.

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