Thursday, August 4, 2011

Washington's Debt Crisis Is Over With Social Security and Medicare Spared - For Now

Capital BuildingImage via WikipediaThe Congress and the President have come together and deflected the debt crisis. They have worked out a solution that both parties can hold their noses and live with. These last two months have been nerve racking for the folks dependent on Social Security. Not only for them, but the rest of the country is finally seeing how close we are to the precipice of default.

Unconscionable spending over the last 30 years by both parties has led to an environment of thoughtless borrowing. President Obama is the unfortunate president who will take the brunt of the anger of the American people over this insane borrowing and deficit. Luckily for him, the deal that was worked out will spare him another debt crisis before the next election. But before the end of 2012, we will be back where we started.

One point of the debt deal that was made is, Social Security and Medicare are off the table on budget cuts. This is not forever and when the next round of deficit discussions come around Social Security and Medicare could be on the chopping block. The gloves are off for Social Security activists and recipients. They will have to fight long and hard to keep their benefits in the years ahead. It' almost funny that our so called guaranteed benefits will have to be fought for.

What happened to the sacred promise made to the American people by our government about the Social Security Trust Fund. It seems with the stroke of the pen all that could be over. Washington says they might have to reduce benefits to keep the fund viable.

All Americans have paid faithfully to the Social Security Fund only to have it mishandled and raided for it's funds over the years. Now the raiders want to balance the budget on the backs of retiree's. We all know that Social Security and Medicare have not caused this economic crisis and we do not support cutting these programs to pay down the debt. Then why are important programs on the table as bargaining chips as a way to balance the budget?

For over three decades, millions of older Americans have counted on annual Social Security benefit increases to help them afford their basic needs. Unfortunately, the benefits they've earned will again be frozen next year, leaving millions who are struggling in this economy without money they depend on to make ends meet.

I suggest you contact your representatives in Washington DC and let your voices be heard on this matter.

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  1. The debt crisis is just beginning. At some point the can can't be kicked down the road. Entitlements are going to have to be cut. The government has overpromised and can't make good on those promises without destroying the dollar and destroying the US as an economic superpower. People had better start looking out for themselves and not relying on Uncle Sam.


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