Thursday, October 6, 2011

Apple Founder Steve Jobs Dead At 56 - Modern Day Edison

Apple founder Steve Jobs died today. Some of us use his products and love them. They have made a big impact on computer users and enthusiasts around the world. People love their Apple computers. Only Steve Jobs could get you to love a box of wires.

He was the type of person who was larger than life. His focus was laser sharp. He knew what he wanted and always set out to get it, everyday. He was so interested in making wonderful products that he came across as arrogant and impatient. But as the visionary maybe he knew time was short. He accomplished much in his life, but you always looked forward to what else he had to give us. We will never feel that way again.

He brought the computer industry from the days of stone knives and bear skins to elegant, machined, works of art. They do amazing things for us that were only the dreams so few years ago. But his dreams were built and are now in the homes of millions.

To some people computers are just tools to do an assigned task. To many they are a ways and a means to make dreams come true. Steve Jobs wasn't the only one to build computers that do work. But he made computers and electronics that changed lives. That changed the world.

You may think I am stepping out there, in my title, by comparing him to Edison. I don't think so. Like Edison, who's invention of the light bulb, changed the course of human kind. Job's contribution to software and hardware has set a path that will be followed for many years to come. His ideas are now foundational for all computer hardware and software. Just like Edison's invention is still basically the same idea 100 years later, so will Jobs be.

With the passing of Steve Jobs, a life cut short in it's prime, we will never see what Steve's next big idea would have been. It's one of the saddest things for the world to have such a great mind cut off and not be able to give more amazing things to the world.

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