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Discover More Card Review & 18 Month 0% Promotional Balance Transfer

Discover More Card: No Annual Fee, Great Cash Back Rewards & 18 month 0% Balance Transfer

The Discover More card is one of Discovers more interesting cards. I have always used Chase and Citi credit cards before now. Discover has always been an odd card to me. It's wasn't taken every where so I just passed it by for the more popular Visa or Mastercard. I came across this incredible balance transfer offer so I dug a little bit deeper to see what Discover has to offer. These benefits I discovered made the card very interesting.

5% cashback on up to $400 in purchases.
  • Jan–Mar Travel and Restaurants
  • Apr–Jun Home and Fashion
  • Jul–Sep Gas, Hotels, Movies and Theme Parks
  • Oct–Dec Restaurants and Fashion
Of course you have to sign up each time to receive the cashback.

You can also earn up to 1% unlimited Cashback bonus on every purchase you make outside those seasonal purchasing categories. You'll earn .25% Cashback bonus on every purchase you make until your yearly spending total reaches $3,000 dollars. After that, you'll earn 1% Cashback bonus. You'll earn between 5% and 20% Cashback bonus when you shop at over 150 online retailers through, Discover's online shopping mall. There's no limit to the amount of Cashback bonuses you can accrue, and these bonuses never expire as long as your account is active and current!

The Discover® More Card - 18 Month Promotional Balance Transfer offer lets you redeem your Cashback bonus rewards for merchandise, gift cards from hundreds of name-brand retailers, Discover gift cards that are good anywhere Discover is accepted, and even cash. You can have your Cashback bonus rewards redeemed for direct deposits to a bank account of your choice or directly credited to your Discover card statement.

On top of these excellent features, you'll never be charged an Annual Fee for the Discover® More Card. You can access your account securely online anytime day or night, and customer service is available whenever you need it. The Discover® More Card - 18 Month Promotional Balance Transfer offer is an excellent choice if you're looking for a cash rewards card, a very long 0% Introductory APR on balance transfers, 0% Introductory APR on purchases, or all three!

Discover Online Mall: What's there?

The Discover Mall has merchants that give 5% to 20% cash back bonuses on purchases, when you perchase your items there. These online merchants are your very best. This is an outstanding group of merchants and the bonuses are very generous.

Merchant included and their % bonus:

  • Apple Store: 5% cashback bonus
  • Best Buy: 5% cashback bonus
  • Groupon: 20% cashback bonus
  • WalMart: 5% cashback bonus
  • Kohl’s: 10% cashback bonus
  • Lowe’s and Home Depot: 5% cashback bonus
  • Target: 5% cashback bonus
  • Meijer: 5% cashback bonus 

That's not all. Look also for Cabela’s, Sears, Dicks, JCPenney,, Old Navy, and Staples. You won't just be getting the normal 1% cash back, you'll be getting much more. During the holidays you will be getting bonus cashback. Some bonuses go from 10% to 20% during the Christmas holidays.

What's the bad news?
Warning if your not responsible with credit cards do not use them. But if you a responsible shopper, paying off your balance every month than this is appropriate for you. These rewards are a nice incentive when shopping, but must be used responsibly.

Also remember that you will only earn .25% on your first $3000 in purchases, if those purchases don't fit into the seasonal category's or are a 5%+ partner.

Discover More Conclusions

The Discover More is definitely one of the best cards for cash back deals. It's links to big name retailers for substantial discounts is a big plus. The 18 month 0% balance transfer is also a huge bonus. I can whole heartily recommend the Discover More card if your a responsible credit card user.

If your interested in this Discover More Card: No Annual Fee, Great Cash Back Rewards & 18 month 0% Balance Transfer click here.

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