Sunday, October 16, 2011

Should I buy the iphone 4S or wait till next year for the iphone 5

iPhone 4Image by Witer via FlickrThe iPhone 4S came out on Friday are you going buy one? Already millions have been sold. The market for Apple products seems unlimited. But is it really smart to keep buying a new iPhone every year.

Some people with older iPhones have been waiting for this new release to upgrade. If you have the original iPhone or the 3g or 3gs it makes sense to upgrade. Your phone is at least 2 years old and probably starting to slow down. Apple upgrades its OS fairly regularly and the upgraded software is getting more advanced and is having a problem running on the older hardware. This planned obsolescence forces you to upgrade just to get a phone that runs correctly.

Should I upgrade if I have an iPhone 4?

The iPhone 4 is almost identical in looks and function. The only difference is that it has the new voice recognition software and a better camera. If you have an iPhone 4, the benefits of the new phone aren't reason enough to upgrade. The new iPhone is really aimed at the people who have an iPhone 3 or 3G. They need to upgrade. Still have iPhone envy, according to Apple's track record, The new iPhone 5 should be released next summer.

I want a new iPhone but I am short of money.

If you are short of cash and still want to own an iPhone, AT&T is selling the iPhone 4 for $99 with a two year contract. Want it even cheaper, the iPhone 3gs is free with a new two year contract.

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