Saturday, November 12, 2011

3 Qualities of A Successful Insurance Salesman

07a - 1920's Farmer's Insurance Agent (E)Image by Kansas Sebastian via FlickrThis week I went over to see my insurance agent. I usually stop in so we can go over a few of my policies. What's great about my insurance agent is that he makes you feel like you're his only customer. It's customer service like that, which makes people feel, they are being served and not just sold. My insurance agent is very successful not for just recommending the right products but because he cares about his customers.

What makes a successful sales agent?

1. Integrity.
Our insurance agents have to be trust worthy. They must say what they mean and mean what they say. They hold our personal information and we trust them with their knowledge of products. We count on their knowledge and recommendations. Sometimes our future rests on their guidance.

2. Caring
A successful insurance salesman will care for their clients. They know it is the only way they will get returning customers. If a client knows they can talk to their agent at anytime and get results, the insurance agent will have a customer for life.

3. Being a People Person.
The insurance business has always been a person to person business. The customer cannot buy insurance unless they talk to a person. This means you have to be knowledgeable, provide solutions, and just help people.

If you have a great insurance sales agent be sure to recommend them to your friends and family, they will appreciate the business.

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