Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Bloggers Vs. Financial Gurus - Who Helps More?

I am Meeting Robert Kiyosaki Next Week!Image by Casey Serin via FlickrYou know their names Suze Orman, Dave Ramsey, Robert Kiyosaki, Liz Pullman, and David Bach. They are today's financial gurus. We hang on their every word and gage all our actions by their wise advice. 

Online we have thousands of personal finance bloggers relating their own advice and experiences. Which group is better suited to address your situation?

Both sources have much to give to financial education and advice. The Guru's advice does help many people and by the numbers, help many more than bloggers in general. They have access to an audience through TV or by books they have written. The Guru has access to millions of followers and can reach more everyday. The blogger has limited followers and limited access to promotional services. Their audience is smaller but they can help people as well. 

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If both are able to help people with financial advice and education, which one is more effective.

The Guru has more followers but is limited because they have to spread their wisdom to a mass audience. Why limited? Their books and television appearances have to appeal to a mass audience. This limits them to a general message or plan. It has to be a one size fits all. They have to appeal to the most people to maximize their message so they can sell books and merchandise. Their advice is correct in general. But what if their advice doesn't cover your specific problems?

There are as many different financial situations, as there are people. This is where the financial blogger is better than the financial Guru. Many bloggers write about their own specific situation and experiences. They relate to their readers how they overcame a financial problem in their life. What could be a better way to help someone with a problem, when you already had the problem and overcame it. That's what makes the financial bloggers better than the Gurus.

With all the financial bloggers out there, you should be able to find one that speaks to your situation. Your average blogger doesn't have a manager or book to peddle. They are able to get real with their audience. The hype is very low and the experience is very personal. Many bloggers write about their financial journey from being broke to getting out of debt. Their stories are personal and inspiring. They make you actually believe you can overcome your financial problems.


  1. I honestly feel that most bloggers are more helpful when it comes to teaching people how to get out of debt. A lot of the Financial Guru's have a ton of book smarts, which is great, but bloggers are able to connect with the readers on a more deeper level because they were once in their shoes. There's a ton of stuff that PF Guru's can't teach you when getting out of debt.

  2. There are so many finer subjects that the gurus just can't get to. They have to paint with a broad brush. As PF bloggers we can get down to the bone and address specific subjects. I kind of like it that we can help people with our experience and knowledge.

    Most people who browse PF blogs are either searching for a specific answer or just want to learn something new. I am glad we can make a contribution.


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