Friday, November 18, 2011

The Top Four Situations Where Online Cash Advance Loans Make Sense

Various Federal Reserve Notes, c.1995. Only th...Image via WikipediaAdvice on how to handle money and bills and to plan for your financial future often boils down to two simple things: Spend less than you earn, and avoid debt where possible.

Nice situation if you can get it. But not every week of every month in every year works out so neat and clean. People go for a time with less or no income. Sometimes surprise expenses exceed a paycheck. And some emergencies simply call for making a purchase around which you have no options.

Here are four such situations where getting an online paycheck cash advance can be a good choice:

1. When the online loan pays for a car repair – This is simple. If you need your car to get to work, but a repair expense exceeds available cash, you might go without a car if you have to wait for a paycheck. How many employers are willing to let you take a week or two off work while waiting for something like that? You shouldn’t lose your job just because you don’t have the money to fix your car.

2. When penalties on bills exceed the cost of the loan – The cost of an online cash advance might be $50 or $75, sometimes more (depending on the size of the loan and how long it is held). Some bills left unpaid on time will cost $100, and with several it could be several hundred dollars. Do the math to study your tradeoffs.

3. When reconnection fees are greater than the cost of the online cash advance – If you fail to pay a phone or cable or other utility bill and the service is disconnected, there can be a reconnection fee, plus a deposit is sometimes added on top of that.

4. When you absolutely have to travel to visit a sick relative or friend – If you need to make a trip at short notice, having extra cash to do that is essential. An online cash advance will deliver that kind of money overnight.

Use of online loans should be kept to a minimum, applied only when absolutely necessary. Anyone with a job has that option.


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  3. I would avoid them completely unless you use them as a last resort and are in a desperate situation.

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  8. Nice post! Many canadians use online loan because is a very comfortable. You don't need leave home.

  9. Payday loans have very bad reputation due to two main reasons: First of all there are too many shady payday loans lenders who do not provide full information about their fee structure. And the second reason are people who take loans that they can not afford.


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