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5 Luxuries You Can Do Without (And Not Miss)

English: Images of bottled waterImage via WikipediaThink back to when you were a kid. What did you have? What didn’t you have? Now, think about what you have now. What do you have that, in reality, you don’t need? As technology has progressed, we have found more and more luxuries become necessities. But is that necessarily true? Do we need everything we think we do? What can you cut out of your budget and never even miss? 

Well, here are five luxuries you can do without. Best of all, you won’t even miss them!

1. Cable television –Everyone has a computer. And I’m not saying it is a luxury (though, in a way, it is). But since you have a computer, why are you paying for cable television? Everything you watch on TV can be found online, and for a lot cheaper. Weather you subscribe to Hulu Plus or Netflix, you can have streaming TV come to you. Best of all, no more commercials. Want to cut down even further? Well, a lot of TV stations now have the latest episodes of their shows on their website- for free! If you already own a flat screen TV, chances are that it can be hooked up to the internet. There are many ways to do that, from being info directly from your computer to inexpensive set-top boxes. Whatever the case is, you’ll save hundreds of dollars a year just cutting the cord.

2. SUV –Do you still have an SUV? What do you need it for? It’s doubtful you are dragging around more than three kids at a time, and that tank is sucking up gas like a camel in the desert. If there is no real, concrete reason for you to have an SUV; get rid of it! And don’t give me any guff about needing to haul stuff. Cars now come with foldable back seats and roomy trunks- big enough for the Christmas tree to ride comfortable. Get yourself a car with good gas mileage and save thousands.

3. Smart phone – Do you have a computer? Sure you do! So, why do you need a smart phone too? Remember the days when having a phone meant you stood next to the wall in the kitchen to talk? Or had a machine to answer when you weren’t home? Remember when you were not available twenty-four hours a day and didn’t check your email every five minutes? Get some peace and quiet back in your life and save money too. Switch your cell to a regular, everyday variety. No internet. No touch screen. Just voice and text. Think about it; do you really need, or want, to be online twenty-four/seven?

4. Bottled water –Not only are you being environmentally irresponsible when you buy bottled water, but you are being financially irresponsible as well. Think about this: over 80% of bottled water comes from tap water. That means what comes out of your sink goes into a plastic bottle and you pay extra for it. Don’t waste your money. If you have an issue with plain tap water, or live somewhere where the water’s not so great, buy a filter and stainless steel bottles. You’ll save money and room in landfills.

5. Coffee– Do you really need that four dollar cup of coffee every morning? I think we all know the answer to that question. If you can’t live without your caffeine fix, buy a travel mug and make your own. Coffee makers can be timed and ready for you every morning. If you crave your Starbucks, buy a bag at the grocery store. You’ll save money, time, and your waistline. Oh, what does your weight have to do with it? Just think about what you add to your coffee and you’ll understand. When you make it for yourself, you are virtually guaranteed to drink healthier.

There are many more luxuries out there, and you know what they are. Take a second look at your checkbook and see if you can’t cut a few things out. Most of the time, you won’t even miss them.

Author Bio:-

This is a guest post by Coleen Torres from phone internet. You can find more about her at her profile.

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