Monday, February 6, 2012

Save Money On Prescriptions With

Prices of prescription drugs vary from one pharmacy to the next. Consumer Reports market research found a 26% price variation between pharmacies on the same drug. It's not easy to shop around when filling your prescriptions. Website has come out with a solution to help you quickly and easily compare the prices of prescription drugs at many locations in your area. has three ways to access its comparison data base. Simply go online to and click on the search button. Enter the name of the drug you want to find out the price for. Also enter in the zip code of the area where you want to shop. You can search as far as 30 miles away or narrow it down to a 10 mile radius. After you press the search button you select what milligram strength and either the 30 or 90 day amount.

How to use the website on your desktop computer.

As a test I entered Lipitor 10 mg. I got 8 results back with a price range between $118.00 to $123.00. It listed Atorvastatin as an alternate drug and displayed a price range between $63.00 and $107.00. The stores where to purchase the prescription and a map to them were part of the results. When you go to the pharmacy just present the card and you will be charged the price listed on the website.

How to use it on your phone.

You don't have to be in front of your computer to use There also is an iPhone and Android phone app. Or you can just use your web browser on your phone to search while you are out of the house.

Open the app and enter the drug and milligram strength written on your prescription. Search for the lowest price and tap the discount card button. Your ID#, Group#, and Bin# will appear. Just show it to your pharmacist to get the discounted price. You don't have to use the member card because the info will be on your phone screen,

If you have Medical Insurance.

LowestMed gives you three ways to get low prices on your medications by comparing; 1.the prices of your insurance plan 2. a competitive discount card and 3. pharmacy low cost cash list prices. Carry both your insurance card and the LowestMed Discount card with you when purchasing your medications. Check LowestMed’s website or mobile tools to see which payment method you should use to get the best price.

When you use the LowestMed card to purchase your prescription or purchase a low cost generic drug, save a copy of the receipt. If later in the year, you need to apply the costs of your prescriptions to meet your deductible, submit the receipt and a copy of your insurance card to your insurance plan to get deductible credit.

  • LowestMed provides you with access to a mobile internet application from your smart phone to find the pharmacies with the best prices in your local area.
  • Our text message tool allows you to send LowestMed a text message of your drug name and zip code and you will receive back a text message of pharmacies with the best price.
  • LowestMed does not limit you to one pharmacy chain like many discount programs, but has contracted prices with 58,000 pharmacies including: Costco, Wal-Mart, Kmart, Walgreens, Rite Aid, CVS, Krogers, Target, Shopko etc. as well as local grocery store chains.
  • Access to LowestMed’s web site gives you quick comparisons of prices for your medications at the pharmacies in your local area.
  • LowestMed gives you access to contracted discounts that can save you 10% - 85% off retail prices. This is possible due to the volume purchasing power of 15 million consumers.
  • Pharmacies have unique lists of low-cost drugs. To help you save money, every month LowestMed finds the best prices from all major pharmacy chains.

This app is something that is much needed these days because it will provide a savings to individuals who didn’t have an easy way to know if they were getting a good deal of not.

If you want to download the LowestMed app, just head over to the Apple App Store or Android Marketplace.

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