Sunday, March 11, 2012

A New Way to Lend Money To Family and Friends

LoansLoans (Photo credit: jferzoco)You just got asked to lend a family member some money for a car repair. It's a legitimate request and the person asking for it is really a responsible person. The odds of getting paid back are quite high. Should you do it?

When circumstances like this happen you have to be careful and examine the situation. What would happen if the person lost their job or fell sick with major medical bills. Would you still get paid back?

Personal loans between family and friends occur because the person has tried all their other sources and are desperate. Desperate means broke. You should do your best to try and get out the situation. But if your trapped there are a few new ways to make the money lending process go a little easier.

Put the lending agreement in writing with specific terms as interest, length of loan, and payment due dates. You can do this yourself and hope for the best or try something new. There are two websites that will draw up the paperwork and give you and your borrower legally binding documents. At and you can have legally binding loans set up, including payment schedules, record keeping and e-mail reminders. Each site charges a $30 fee to do this for you.

Another way is at, a borrower could take out a Friends and Family Loan from just you or from multiple people. The site arranges automatic bank-account withdrawals free and charges a closing fee as a percentage of the loan.

By using these services you will have your loan process and servicing done professionally. This could mean the difference between you being stuck and being paid back. It's possible by using these services your prospective borrower may be scared away and you can avoid the whole ordeal.

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