Saturday, April 14, 2012

Heritage and Service Still Exist In Financial Services

In today's financial environment, people find it hard to know who they can trust with their hard earned money. Many financial institutions we trusted all our lives, have let us down. Many people have lost faith and do not know who to trust. Finding a company, for your financial and investing needs can still be done, but you must be able to cut through the hype and find the truth of what a companies core really is.

One financial company that did not let its customers down was Perpetual, one of Australia's oldest financial institutions. They have been helping their customers manage and invest their money for over 120 years. They are not only a wealth manager but a leader in the trustee business. 

During Perpetuals long history they have been a leader in philanthropy. When Australians form charitable endowments, Perpetual is there to manage these funds and act as trustees over them. Today, these funds are helping sustain the efforts of charitable and non-profit organizations. Perpetual believes so much in philanthropy they have established their own in house "Perpetual Foundation" to help improve the life of others.

Perpetual also provides many types of investment products, financial advice, and corporate services to individuals, families, financial advisers, and organizations. Fitting the customer to the right investing style comes from knowing that customer well. Providing trustee and fiduciary services to help people protect and manage assets, is the goal of Perpetual.

There are still companies that believe in serving their customers. There are still companies that deserve your trust. Perpetual's experienced and award winning team manages over $200 billion dollars of clients money. In today's world, finding a company that has a heritage and core of serving the customer's needs is rare. Perpetual is one company that has the trust of so many, why look anywhere else?

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