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5 Ways To Save Money on Your Next Cruise

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One of the great things about going on a cruise is that your room, meals, entertainment and daytime activities are included in your fare. But if your not careful you could be subject to many of the on board ways to overspend.

1. On thing for sure when you go on cruises, there always is plenty to drink. Whether it's alcohol, soda or bottled water, it's going to cost you extra. You are not allowed to bring your own booze but many cruise lines allow you to bring water and soda. It may not always be convenient to carry your bottles around but it sure makes sense in the cabin. You could also save money by using the ships unlimited drink package, if available. 

2. To make up for the great deal you paid for the cruise, on board amenities like spa treatments are going to cost you double than what they cost normally. It could be either massages or extra charges for select fitness classes, these extras services will dig deep into your pocket.  

3. While on board, you do get all your meals for free, including the midnight buffet. But you will be offered alternative meals such as gourmet specialties by the chef. There is nothing wrong with partaking of these incredible meals, just be sure to budget for them ahead of time.

4. When the cruise ship reaches a port there are always day excursions. Many cruise lines make a ton of money on these side trips. If you plan ahead you could contact local tours and transportation companies that will definitely give you a better price for the same trip. 

5. Of course tipping is the most misunderstood part of the entire vacation cruise experience. At bars and nightclubs on board be sure to check if your bar tab may already have the tip included in the total. This happens sometimes and you end up over tipping or tipping twice. Tips to the crew are sometimes automatically added to your shipboard bill. Again be sure when reviewing your bill to see if you don't double tip or over tip.

When you are prepared and know ahead of time what your expenses are it make the whole trip nicer and anxiety free. If you have any questions when on board, the ship's purser will be glad to explain and help with whatever your needs.

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