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The Advantages of Trading Indices

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Stock market indices are a major component of our daily financial news. Indices have to be understood in their proper context for anyone who hopes to invest using the information on any given index. Stock market indices are used to measure or track a market by its performance and this will give a fair indication as to its ups and downs.

Indices are financial products that are constructed from the constituents of a particular global exchange, such as the UK 100 or US 30. Trading indices are widely used by financial professionals as well as individual investors, for portfolio protection.

Some of the advantages of trading indices are:

24 Hour Market.
While the international stock markets operate during regular trading hours most of the major indices are open for trading 24 hours a day. When the UK or US stock market closes at 4:30pm, you can find the UK 100, US 30, or the Germany 30 index will continue trading all through the night. Unlike many other financial markets, investors can watch index fluctuations caused by economic, political, or social events and be able to respond immediately. They do not have to wait to markets to open in the morning. The electronic platform provides a level playing field. 

The major global indices are the most heavily traded asset type in the world. It has a large daily turnover with many traders all over the world. Volume and open interest in the stock indices continue to grow - a clear indication of the growing liquidity and strength of these contracts.

Indices are traded on margin, typically 1%, which is quite often referred to as 100:1 leverage. With some companies it can be even less. If you trade on margin you are using your money more efficiently. You only have to allocate a small portion of your position to trade. More leverage provides greater exposure to price changes and allows you to take larger positions.

Independently Operating
Major indices are so large and heavily traded that they are beyond the financial control of any individual participant. Even government economic controls can not influence it.

Investing in indices is of course much easier and cheaper than investing in every stock in the index itself. Of course investing in an index doesn’t guarantee that you will make money but historically returns on indices have been in the region of 10-11%. Trade indices with CMC, it just takes a little patience over the long term to see a return on your capital.

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