Monday, May 7, 2012

Learn The Stock Market Without Losing Your Money

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The stock market is a fascinating place to many people because the lure of making a quick fortune. Yet in reality the majority lose most of their money before they even catch on how the market functions and how difficult it is to show a positive return. If there were some way to get some hands on training before jumping in with real money. The website that does that is called, there they have a virtual stock market game.
On this virtual stock market you can buy and sell stocks just like at the real stock market. Here you buy and sell real companies and you're given $1,000,000 to get you started. As in the real market your virtual portfolio rises and falls as if you own the actual stocks.
As your learning to invest and develop trading strategies you are not alone. There are many other investors using the virtual trading game. They form groups where they discuss investing and you can join the groups to swap trading war stories. You will find others there, like yourself, who are trying to hone their trading skills. Already there are many trading groups of friends and classmates discussing the stock market. Many colleges and business schools are using to learn the basics and get some hands on training. ranks all investors and keeps track of who is doing the best. They are ranked by groups, your own or others. You can see the top 100 investors or the bottom 100. When checking out the rankings of others, a little competition starts and it makes it all the more interesting.
I signed up for a free account and did some stock trading. The interface is easy to navigate and very easy for the new investor to use. is keeping track of my portfolio and showing me my gains and loses daily. I haven't spent all of my million dollars yet because I'm still looking for some bargains. That's my trading strategy and trying it out in a virtual stock market takes away all the stress and leaves only the fun. 
For the beginner, the stock market can be confusing, makes learning easy and they even have interesting videos teaching core concepts. 

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  1. Wow, this is a very interesting application. Learning the stock market for free via a virtual trading game. The downside of this is on the mental side. Because the trader knows that the money is not real(or money is not his own), the motivation to risk big money is greater. So it's either huge win or huge loss virtually.

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