Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Short Term Money Loans Are Always Expensive - Infographic

A good test of your financial maturity comes when an emergency pops up. The emergency could be a broken water heater or car repair. We know these things or something like these things will eventually happen. Are we prepared for them? Do you have the money put aside in an emergency fund? If not, borrowing the cash is our only solution.

The infographic below shows the costs related to 4 ways a person might fill their short term cash need. They all look expensive. I think a better way would be setting up an emergency fund. Our friend Peter, in the infographic look a little upset. Maybe this time he has learned a lesson and will be better prepared.

Infographic courtesy of  Fastpaydayloansreview.com


  1. Well, emergencies can happen to anyone and no one is protected from unexpected financial problems.You are protected only if you have an emergency fund - money saved for a rainy day.Otherwise you have to borrow money to deal with the emergencies and unexpected expenses.I would say that taking out a short-term loan is a popular option, because it allows to borrow money quickly and the lender requires a minimum of personal information,so you do not need to say why do you need money and how you are going to spend it.It's not a hidden information that interest rates on so-called payday loans are high enogh.Anyway, there's variety of options available in case you need to borrow money, and what you should choose depends on your particular situation.

  2. Yes,Short Term Money Loans Are Always Expensive but what can be done when situation arises then you will not get a long term loan.

  3. I was in a great need of money due to some family issues and I did not want to borrow it from my near and dear ones, because I did not felt it right to bother them by discussing my problems. Instead, I went to a financial expert, he assisted me to get pay day loan, and solved my money issues in a much sensible manner.


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