Wednesday, July 11, 2012

6 Places To Retire Abroad and Save Money

When I retire I see myself with a beautiful house on the lake with my fishing boat catching a few fish and sipping on a cup of coffee. But for some, that is to laid back and not very exciting. To spice up your retirement have you ever considered retiring abroad?

If you are thinking of going overseas you better do a lot of research and maybe even take a few vacations there to see if it meets all your needs. I did some research in the United Nations World Tourism Organization 2012 publication and found the top six destinations. 

If you are a bit of an adventurer you may find overseas living intriguing. As you do your research you will find many web sites, media outlets, authors, and bloggers who can help you find what's best at a reasonable price.

Here you will find the food and culture center of the world. France was rated as superior in the 2010 International Quality of Life Index. Their health care is also rated as very good. On the downside they do have high taxes, a difficult bureaucracy, and high prices. So it's better to find yourself a place outside the larger cities.

Though on the edge of the European landscape, they consider themselves more Western than Middle Eastern country. Soon to become part of the European Union they are one of the top growing economies in the region. You can find retirement destinations in the mountains or at the seashore. Property in turkey is well suited for retirement or vacation living.

Being the closest destination to the U.S. and already popular with retirees for its money saving standard of living, Mexico is a great choice. In Mexico, you will find modern and up to date health care near big cities. Many retirement and vacation communities have been providing a relaxing life under a warm sun and tropical weather for many years. 

Another small country that wants to attract the foreign investor and retiree. The currency is tied to the U.S. dollar, there are retiree discounts, and favorable tax treatment on income and new homes. Mostly a rural spot with no major metropolitan areas, so traveling for major health care may be necessary. The weather is also warn and tropical.

Costa Rica.
A small country in Central America that is already the home to many people that have chosen the laid back life style. It has a good economy and a stable government that encourages the foreign dollar to its shores. Retirement income and real estate profits are untaxed, combine that with lush beaches and country side living, you have a perfect destination.

Who could argue about Italy being a great place to retire to. You have the great food, culture, and the Mediterranean weather is very attractive to visitors. The best bargains are in the southern areas and again staying in the country side is going to save you a lot of money. Like most metro areas you will be paying a premium for city life.

This is only a short list of all the possible destinations to retire at. You need to consider other obstacles to living abroad like language, government stability, and living standards. These and many other things need to be considered for such a big move. 

Living overseas is going to give you the adventure of your life. It takes a certain mindset to leave you home country and live abroad. Maybe after a while you may become homesick. There is much to consider in living overseas. 

Do your research and take a vacation to your destination and see if it is all you thought it would be. Good Luck.


  1. Retiring to Italy is my ultimate dream! But first to get back there just on vacation! ;)

    1. Many of the Euro countries are more expensive compared to other places. I have found the Central and South America countries to be really cheap compared to U.S. prices.


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