Wednesday, August 29, 2012

How to Balance College Saving and Retirement Saving - Infographic

In the United States, only half of the population have anything saved for retirement. When saving for our children's college expenses, we do an even worse job. What's the problem? If you ask the average person they will complain that their income is so meager that just making ends meet, takes all their effort.

Saving for college and retirement expenses is quite an effort for most people but the key is to start early. If you put away an amount of money, month by month and year by year, it will help you accomplish your goals.

Ask yourself, over the years how much money you have wasted on frills and fads. Add up all that wasted money and imagine what you could of done with it. It's not to late to turn it around. Start today, budget your money, live below your means, and save all you can.

Check out this great infographic about saving for college vs. saving for retirement. 

Thanks to Caxton FX Currency Exchange for this great graphic.

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