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Life Insurance & Its Role in Human Life

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Life insurance – Its role in your life

Needless to say that life insurance plays a pivotal role in a human. There are tons of ways in which one can benefit by availing a proper life insurance plan. The prime benefit that it provides is the guaranteed peace of mind. The foremost reason why people opt for good life insurance plan is to get coverage on their near and dear ones in their absence. It is true that no one likes to think of death when they are fit and healthy but being practical and rational would is certainly wise. One hardly understands what tomorrow holds; therefore getting a good coverage for your children, spouse or parents is indeed beneficial.

Why it is a must thing to have

Imagine what would happen to your child’s education if something happens to you tomorrow. How will your spouse be able to pay for the loans that you have already opted for? Where will they get the money for treatment if required? Well, it’s never too late and it does not require a fortune to get a life insurance plan. A good search over the internet can help you to get an insurance plan that is effective and reasonable in price. The basic thing to remember whilst opting for a n insurance is that today is a better day to procure a plan than tomorrow. This is due to some reasons which are discussed below.

Tomorrow you might not be as healthy as you are today and that would not do any good to the budget of your insurance. There are certain things that an insurance company checks before deciding on the premium that one needs to pay. The health of the applicant is a prime thing that is considered. If the applicant is found to be in a good healthy condition whilst he/she is applying for the insurance then the premium on his insurance plan will definitely be less. The insurance companies also check whether the applicant is a smoker or has a history of disease or things like that. These things are taken into consideration before deciding on the premium amount.

Benefits of Life insurance

  • It provides security to your family members. It helps your family members to take care of two huge expenses in the form of mortgage and education. Therefore it guarantees the required peace of mind. 
  • It can also help you to manage your finances well. An insurance plan can help you get a waiver on your taxes. 
  • It can also be used as collateral for a loan. This will help in accessing additional money to pay for sudden expenses. 

The rates of an insurance plan depends on the following 

  • Life expectancy of the insured 
  • Term of the insurance. A whole life insurance will definitely cost a bit more than the one meant for a specific period. 
  • Family health history of the applicant. 
  • Smoking habits of the applicant. 

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  1. A life insurance policy is purchased to care for loved ones after the death of the policyholder. The life insurance pay out is generally intended to alleviate financial burdens such as ,paying funeral expenses, mortgage protection, eliminating personal and family debts, replacing lost income, paying off outstanding taxes.


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