Friday, August 17, 2012

The Best Accounting Firms to Work For in 2012

Accounting firms play a vital role in providing the services which businesses require. There are many accounting firms spread all over the world. Besides putting a systematic record of financial transactions, these accounting firms take care of all the risks involved in setting up and running a limited company. As staff of an accounting firms are trained for all types of financial situations they can easily bring success to your business. It is always a better idea to hire an accounting firm to deal with your business requirements. You can get your limited company set up help with ClearSky which is an IFA accredited accounting firm. Below are some of the best accountancy firms to work for in 2012.

Ernst & Young

Ernst and Young accounting firm offer a wide range of services regarding business intelligence. They have been offering their services for about a century. The services offered by this firm include advisory business services, tax, transaction advisory services, law and assurance. This firm has offices in various cities all over the world.


Deloitte has dozens of member firms which have been offering their services to about 150 countries. These member firms provide services like audit, tax, financial advisory, consulting and risk management services. Each member firm operates based on the rules and regulations of the country in which it operates.

Grant Thornton

Grant Thornton is a leading business consultancy firm which stimulates potential growth of the organisations. It has set up its branches in more than 100 countries. The member firm of Grant Thornton helps you to compete with your business competitors and grow. These firms take care of the whole process involved in setting up and running a business.

Moss Adams

Moss Adams is the 11th largest accounting firm in the country. The services provided by this firm include tax, accounting and consulting services to all the businesses and industries. Along with business intelligence, this firm also offers services like investment banking and asset management. This firm is also a founding member of Praxity, a global alliance of accounting firms.


KPMG is a New York based accounting firm which offers tax, auditing and financial advisory services to the businesses. KMPG has branches all over the world which has over 140,000 employees. The firm focuses on what the private company owners and entrepreneurs face every day and provides responsive and effective advice which stimulates the business potential growth.

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