Tuesday, September 11, 2012

5 Ways to Stretch Your Casino Vacation Dollars

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If you’re a real penny pincher like me, finding ways to have the most fun for the least amount money is a necessity. Whether you are going to Vegas, Atlantic City, or a Mobile Casino; setting rules and a budget is important. Just as you set a budget and plan an itinerary for your trip, why not set a budget for your gambling. Setting a daily limit to your expenditures will not only allow you to stretch your dollars but it can also take the worry away of running out of money or spending too much.

I have 5 simple rules that will help you not only save money but have a more enjoyable experience. 

1. Do your research.

If you have little or no experience with gambling it would be a great idea to do some reading about what type of gambling you would like to do. It's so easy to go online and search for information concerning gambling or gambling activities you may want to try. You can learn how games operate and if they are appropriate for you. Learning the rules and difficulty of different gambling games will help you feel more confident when you play. 

2. Gambling is Entertainment.

Gambling is just another form of entertainment that carries a bonus of monetary payback. Only the hype of the media or advertising shows you how you can win big money. It's true you can win and win big but most people don't. If you know the house has the advantage and only play for fun you will have a much more enjoyable time.

Just as you set a certain amount of money aside for vacations, dinners, and other entertainment so you must with gambling. You don't go overboard when spending money on a dinner at a restaurant, by ordering the most expensive meal. Why is gambling treated any different? 

3. Join a player's clubs.

You may think player's clubs are only for the high rollers. You would be surprised to know the bulk of any casinos business comes from the average visitor like you or me. Player's clubs are a great way to get great discounts on food, drink, shopping and accommodations. Be sure to register online before visiting the casino because there may be greater sign-up bonuses when applying online. 

4. Use your player's club card as much as possible.

You probably are not surprised to learn that when using your player's club card the casino is tracking you. Whenever possible use your player's club card. The casino will see your activity and reward you with discounted or free rooms, meals, or shows. When you’re in the casino make sure you place your card in the slot machine or show the dealer when at a table.

Another way player’s club help you save money is by mailing you money saving offers. Be sure to check your mailbox for offers sent to you trying to entice you back with free meals or entertainment. 

5. Don't have too many free drinks.

One of the great things about the way casinos try to keep you gambling is by offering you free cocktails while you gamble. This can be a great way to save money on your alcohol but it can also impair your thinking.

Remember the problem with gambling is when people abuse it by overspending. If you are frugal by setting limits on your spending you can have a great time.

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