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Selling a House in Australia

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Last year, Australian Property Investor Magazine reported that the average time to sell a house had increased from 41 days the year before to 55 days. There are a number of ways to minimize this period.

Renovation increases the value of a house, with the kitchen and bathroom being prime candidates. Pre-sales renovation has become increasingly common. At the very least, a seller should apply fresh paint and new flooring. Mark Dawes, an estate agent for Richardson & Wrench in South Sydney, said, “You'll definitely get top dollar or best possible price, and sell quickly.” People buying their first home prefer to avoid the bother of remodeling Dawes said there is no need to go over the top, and all that is required is that a buyer believes no further work on the house is required.

You should compare the house with other houses for sale in the neighborhood in the same price range, and see what assets they have that yours lacks. If the house is already at the higher end of the market in the area, increasing the price after renovation could result in the house being on the market for longer. The decision to renovate should be made sufficiently early, as renovation takes time and does not always go to plan. Rushing the job will result in an outcome of poorer quality.

Do-it-yourself home renovation is very popular in Australia, and a number of television shows show what is possible. Hardware shops often offer free renovation classes outside of working hours. An estate agent can give advice on what can be done.

Brent Courtney of the estate agent, McGrath Lane Cove, says the best time to sell a house is in September or early in spring. Summer may be better if the house has a good outdoor area or impressive outdoor views. Alas, there will be more other houses on sale at that time, giving you greater competition. A house could sell in winter or autumn if it has much natural light. If the house is family oriented, school holidays and Christmas should be avoided, but a small apartment can be sold at any time of the year.

You should market your house properly. Buyers must know that it is on the market. Marketing includes advertising online, in newspapers and real estate magazines and in mail drops in the vicinity. A house that is dirty or in disarray will repel potential buyers.

One Australian man sold his house for $135,000 more than the asking price by using social media: Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Flickr. Online contact allows you to give a more personal touch while still keeping some distance from correspondents. The trick is to use keywords that will attract the target audience and create a website using WordPress. The website should include your own stories of the house and photos and videos. Telling of what's great about living there, nearby amenities and the community turns a house into a home. An estate agent would be hard pressed to create comparable material. 


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  2. Renovation increases the value of a house, with the kitchen and bathroom being prime candidates.

  3. Do-it-yourself home renovations to increase property value now have become easier than ever and a great way to increase profit from sale.

    1. yes i agree homes are very important in our life and with their decoration we should not be compromise at any cost.
      renovate your home


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