Monday, September 10, 2012

You CAN Recover Your Deleted Emails – Find Out How

English: Range Software package. Screenshot of...(Photo credit: Wikipedia)Have you ever unintentionally deleted an important email? Has a virus attack left you with lost files? You probably thought that you could never get these files back again? Well, believe it or not, lost or deleted emails can be recovered. You can restore your lost or deleted emails the same way you would recover lost data on your hard drive. As a matter of fact, there are lots of email recovery software tools available on market today.

Each email account is located on a "server" maintained by your email provider. 

This server where all your sent and received emails are kept. Each email is sent to the recipient's post office protocol (POP3) email account. This protocol is used to bring up email messages quickly so they can be read through programs like Outlook. But sometimes people don't realize they need to create certain account settings in their email software so that their get saved to the server. Otherwise, it will only be sent to the POP3 account saving only "soft copy" of the email.

Since email was an early form of information sharing, it shouldn't be any surprise that emails get lost as they are sent from all over the web. Since so much critical information is sent via email these days the process of email recovery has become a field in its own right.

An email server recovery tool is a piece of software that can help you recover deleted emails. Whatever the reason for the email deletion, whether it be an application error or accidental deletion, the email recovery software can bring them back.

Here are some features to look for if you want a good piece of email recovery software:

  • Make sure you have the option of using both HTML and RTF formats for your email messages. 
  • It should have the ability to bring back password-protected files 
  • It should be able to fix broken or corrupted PST files 

You should also check out Outlook PST Repair Software. It can bring back emails that have been deleted as well as restoring many features of Outlook Express and Outlook such as emails, notes, contacts, distribution lists and calendar information.

If you're a novice user you should check with other experienced users or professionals before choosing email recovery software. Getting good advice before choosing a recovery program will keep you from wasting time and money that you would later regret. If you find a software package you think will do the job for you, evaluate its performance.

Since information loss can happen at anytime, you should have good email recovery software on hand so that you can be up and running as quickly as possible. Whether you are dealing with personal or business email, time is money and you don't want to waste either.

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