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5 Good Reasons Why You Should Play Poker

English: Shankar Pillai after winning the $300...
English: Shankar Pillai after winning the $3000 No Limit Hold 'Em event at the 2007 World Series of Poker (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Many inexperienced poker players ask themselves 'why play poker?' The answer is simple: many play poker not only because it is fun, but also because of the challenge it offers intellectually. Poker is a game that provides mental stimulation and requires certain skills, where numerous competitions take place and where poker players can earn thousands of dollars. Above all, it is entertainment and a way to make money. 

1) Make Money on Poker

The first answer to 'why play poker?' is money. Poker is a game with big money, and this is instrumental in getting many people to start playing poker. Although a poker player can fold many times in a single game, there will always be a patient player who goes home with the big win.

Poker is a gambling game, like most other games at a casino, and with enough practice and knowledge, any player can make money from poker. You can either spend a few hours each week to learn poker, play for fun or earn a few pennies, or you can make poker your full time job - be a pro and make poker your main income, it all depends on you, your determination and what you want.

Making money at poker is of course not quite simple and you need some time to learn the skills, techniques and game and a lot of patience, but it is achievable if you decide to learn the rules of poker and strategies that are the basis to make money in poker.

2) The Intellectual Challenge of Poker

The second reason to play poker is the intellectual challenge the game allows. As mentioned earlier - poker is not a gambling game, although an element of chance is present, it is more an intellectual challenge where a player has to use his full intelligence to win.

The intellectual challenge of poker varies from player to player: some are bluffing the real challenge, while for others it is the intellectual challenge it takes to read the opponents' hands. Successful poker players get a kick from learning how a system works and how the system can be broken. 

3) The Social Aspects

Apart from the intellectual challenge and the money that can be earned by playing poker, this game has a different attribute, and it is the social aspect of it. Poker is a social game - players sitting around a card table can play and talk for hours, which can strengthen their friendship. Poker is offering you a chance to meet new people and make new friends while playing your favourite games.

In many TV shows you can watch the traditional 'boys' nights', where some guys sitting around a table and play poker into the wee hours of the night, it is a typical example of the social aspect of poker - playing, talking and enjoy at the same time.

4) No Limit on the Game

Another great reason to play poker is that there is no ceiling on what you can do with this game - there are always bigger tables with more money, another competition to participate in. There is no limit to poker, just the ones you decide.

You can choose to play 'home games' with little risk or you can go all the way and don’t stop until you've reached the biggest poker events like the World Series of Poker or the World Poker Tour, where millions of dollars are presented as first prize. 

5) The Thrill of Competition

Every game that surrounds money is exciting in its own way, but poker is a greater excitement, as it not only is a game of chance, but a game where the most qualified and skilled player wins and not the lucky ones. Basically this game is a tense competition between the players and a thrilling event that brings out the best and worst in people.

Remember to be a responsible online gambler and poker player and play for no more than you are willing to lose. We wish you luck!

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