Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Angus Reed, Prudentia, Dubai and Renewable Energy

Vestas wind turbine, Dithmarschen.
(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Solar energy and renewable energy are two technologies we have at our disposal that can be a part of the solution, for our future energy needs. All of our non-renewable fossil fuel energy sources are coming close to a plateau in supply. While demand continues to rise every year renewable energy sources are becoming the only solution to our energy needs.

Currently wind and solar energy have gone to the top of the list as sources for cheap renewable energy. The technology has become more readily available and manufacturing costs has reached a greater affordability level.

Angus Reed, Australian businessman, has taken the lead into making renewable energy a part of everyday life. Angus Reed, Director of Prudentia Investments, leads one of Australia's most respected integrated property and investment management group. Through his experience in real estate development across the globe including Australia, Dubai ,and other countries he has made early investments in renewable energy and his efforts are bearing fruit. 

Angus Reed's dedication to renewable energy has moved Prudentia into the lead of Australia’s growing sustainable energy industry with its investiture in solar company Nu Energy. Under Angus Reed’s guidance, Prudentia is using its expertise in alternative energy supplies around Australia for other projects. These projects include the planned, "The Range at Croydon", a groundbreaking housing development in eastern Melbourne and "Hutton Rise", a modern housing project in Prospect Launceston. 

Angus Reed and Prudentia have also built Cambridge Park in Tasmania. This project includes Tasmania’s first incorporated homemaker center and Hydro Tasmania Conference Center, which won a 5-Star Green Star Office Design award from the Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA).

Angus Reed's most recent success has been Melbourne's new Wyndham Harbor project. This new project includes attractively priced apartments, a 1,400 ship harbor, and a modern shopping area. This new development will mean more jobs, residences, and tax income for Melbourne and surrounding area.

More companies are putting money into research and development of renewable energy technology everyday, eventually it will makes its way into more homes and the overall demand for oil and coal will decline thus helping the environment. With government regulation and incentives encouraging sustainable energy development and the application of these technologies toward the countries energy needs, we will see the demand of non-renewable energy sources decline. 

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