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Funding Your Floridian Dream Post Retirement Financial Strategies

Retirement doesn't automatically mean that you get to live off your savings and investments. Many people use post-retirement financial strategies to fund their Floridian dreams.

Invest in Gold
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The value of gold tends to increase as other areas of the economy decline. Stock market crashes and monetary inflation can cause the value of gold to skyrocket. Investing in gold, therefore, hedges you from other strategies that might fail. Plus, you can always exchange gold for money.

If you want to learn more about making money from gold investments, read The Gold Video articles often. The site can teach you about everything from spotting fake gold to finding great hiding places in your home so you can avoid bank fees.

Start a New Career as a Consultant
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You developed a lot of useful skills during your career. You can keep using those skills on an independent basis by working as a consultant. The amount that you earn will depend on what skills you have and how much you want to work. A senior business consultant could earn more than $100,000 a year.
Young businesses might not want to hire retirees as full-time workers, but many of them will spend good money to learn important lessons. As a consultant, you can offer that service. You even get to set your own hours so you can enjoy your retirement even while you work.

Become a Foster Parent

If you love children, then you should consider becoming a foster parent. Not only will you help the thousands of children who need foster care, but you can also make a little money. Foster parents typically get paid between $446 to $667 a month. They might get more if they take care of children with special needs.
The government provides this money to support the foster children, but it can also make your retirement lifestyle more affordable. Part of that money, after all, goes to housing expenses. You can use it to pay your mortgage or rent without feeling guilty.

Learn to Become an eBay Maven

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As a retiree, you have at least one big advantage over everyone else: you have plenty of time. Many retirees have used their free time to become eBay mavens. They spend their afternoons visiting thrift stores for great deals, then they auction off the best items for a profit.

eBay claims that anyone can make $100 a week on their site. Don't feel intimidated by the technology. eBay has a rather simple user interface that works well for experienced and inexperienced computer users alike. If you feel anxious by the very thought of selling things online, contact your local library about computer education classes that can help you feel more comfortable.

You can make your Floridian dream a reality when you think creatively and use your best assets to make money well into your retirement.

Author bio: Natalie Bracco is a freelance writer and an amateur baker. When she's not busy in the kitchen, you can find her writing about technology, travel, food and finance. Follow her on Twitter @nataliebracco.

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  1. Social Security benefits used to be enough to offset the cost of living, so that a person could retire based on Social Security income alone. In the 21st century, neither of these hold true any longer.


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