Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Investment Crowdfunding The Future of Business Investing

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The spirit of the American entrepreneur is alive and well. Even in a down economy
major private businesses were started last year. What these private businesses have in common with public companies is the need for capital to start up and sustain operations. In today’s investment world, 99% of Americans are prohibited from investing in these startups because they don't have the financial balance sheet required by law to invest in companies before they go public. These antiquated laws block investors willing to share the risks and allowing them to reap the rewards from providing capital to small enterprises.

To cure this roadblock for the common investor a relatively new form of investing called "Investment Crowdfunding" will be coming soon, once the SEC finalizes its regulations. Investment Crowdfunding will allow you to invest directly in early-stage companies, which not only includes startups but other small businesses as well.

For the average investor this means that you will be allowed to invest in startups. The JOBS Act has language that allows you to invest with entrepreneurs and help convert inspired ideas into reality. You will be able to invest in companies that have the potential to grow and meet your investment goals. 

Once Investment Crowdfunding is allowed by the SEC, you will be able to invest in new businesses using iCrowd’s web-based portal. There you will discover companies with business plans that need investors like you to turn them into reality. iCrowd will help you find and uncover investments that match your goals and interests. On iCrowd you will find a network of fellow-investors who root for, patronize, or offer advice and ideas to help make your investment successful. iCrowd is different because you will not only be investing your money, you will also be interacting with the investment community by giving advice and networking with like minded investors. On iCrowd you will see a wide variety of businesses that Investment Crowdfunding can be used for: innovative new products, sustainable enterprises, businesses in your home town, potential medical breakthroughs.

But with any startup there are risks. Businesses do fail, investors need to recognize this. Investors will need to recognize the risks each of their investments pose before putting any money at stake and they will need to invest within their means. The JOBS Act sets limits on the amounts individuals may invest, but investors will need to assess their individual situations to assure they can bear the risks they take on.

iCrowd's goal is to assist investors to make informed investment choices. The iCrowd community is there to help: ask questions, discuss potential investments, talk to the entrepreneurs, give and take advice. Visit iCrowd today.

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