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Mediterranean Cruises – The Thrill of a Lifetime

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If you have never cruised the Mediterranean then you are missing the thrill of a lifetime. Each morning you awake to a new world while enjoying the comforts of your hotel on the sea with all your meals, accommodations, and all kinds of entertainment available to you. 

If you love to sample different cuisines, study interesting cultures and tour historic locales then a Mediterranean cruise is a travel adventure that you cannot pass up. You can explore this beautiful region on cruise ships departing ports in Greece, France, Italy or Spain. 

When Is The Best Time To Go 

Even though the traditional season for Mediterranean cruises runs from May through October, it may sometimes begin earlier in March and end in November. Should this be the case, some cruise ships may sail south to the Canary Islands. Only a few ships sail all through the year, however, if you happen to book a large cruise ship, and you like swimming be certain that the ship's pool can be covered by a glass dome so that you swim no matter what time of year you happen to be sailing. 

Many cruise ships sail out Europe all year, while others change ports depending on the season, for example sailing the Caribbean in the winter and the Mediterranean in the summer, where the prices and operating costs are usually higher. Even though several of the resort vessels are quite large, most vessels sailing the Mediterranean are generally mid-range (with capacities of 600 to 1,600 passengers) or small (with capacities of 200 to 600 passengers), depending on the port's size. If you happen to select a large cruise ship (housing from 1,600 to 5,000+ passengers) you will be restricted to the larger, busier ports. 

If you plan on bringing the kids along a large cruise ship has will have more facilities and activities for kids, but if you want a more relaxed experience a mid-sized ship is your best bet. It’s easier to get off and on as you visit each port and the quality of the food is usually better. 

Mediterranean Ports of Call 

Many high-end cruise companies have Mediterranean cruises available originating in Monte Carlo, which is found between the Mediterranean Sea and the Alps. Cruises from Rome leave from a port town called Civitavecchia. From this port it is about an one hour ride by bus into Rome, an engrossing trip you won't regret. Nearly every cruise line departs from Rome then going anywhere in the Mediterranean region. 

Another popular route, cruising into Venice by way of the Giudecca Canal, is an happening you will not want to fore go. The cobblestone thoroughfares, criss-crossed by water channels, and numerous historical bridges, sets this city apart as a delightful place to see on foot. 

The Mediterranean is a fabled region full of unending treasures and history just waiting to unfold before you. No matter what piques your interest, it could be the stark ruins of Athens and Rome, or the Holy Land with its sacred locales; or even the beautiful sun-drenched beach fronts of the Greek Isles, it is not an experience to be missed. Traveling on a Mediterranean cruise should be on everyone's bucket list.

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