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Planning Family Fun Activities without Breaking the Bank

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Under the present economic scenario, planning a fun weekend can be a little difficult. No matter how tight the financial situation is, spending quality time with the kids and the rest of the family is a must. Besides, the children need some recreation - a fun filled weekend is what they look forward to the entire week. 

Wondering how to keep your kids busy on the weekends when the budget concern is bothering you? Not to worry, there are ways out. Let’s list out the possible enjoyable activities that don't cause a dent in the pocket.

  • Retail stores, libraries, and zoo - What would the kids want to do for fun? Games would top their list. But gaming parlors are expensive and out of the budget at this stage. But there are ways out. Check out the nearest retail store, they tend to come up with something or the other on the weekends. Various games and other activities like building a birdhouse, storage box and other things are organized in the morning. They even teach art and crafts. These are mostly free and at times there is free coffee for the parents. Even the library has loads of fun options to offer to the kids. The museum and the zoo offer free or low-cost days at least once every month, watch out for them. 
  • Beaches or parks -There is nothing exciting than packing your lunch and leaving for the beach on the weekend. For those who don't have the luxury of spending the entire day at the nearby beach, a park is as good an option. You can stop on the way to pick up some exciting games and/or beach toys, these toys are usually lasting., 
  • Movies - Many movie theaters screen free shows for the kids once or twice a month. Otherwise, the movie shows are pretty expensive, a family of four ends up spending a good 50 dollars at the least. Just to enter the movie hall a family will have to spend a good forty dollars. That is not all; then you need to buy the munchies, the popcorn, the nachos, the cold drinks and other snacks. You can rent movies instead of going to the theater; this is an economic option indeed. You can use online service for this purpose, a meager subscription and you can always download a new picture every weekend. You can opt for renting pictures through Redbox, they charge a very minimal amount, like a dollar a day for each movie. 
  • Some community works - Park clean up days and other community service activities can be fun too. Now this is what is called learning while having fun. 

Where to get information from

Have a look at the local Sunday newspaper, there has to be a local calendar section. Now this is the drawer chest of all information for the for cheap or no-cost weekend family activities. Here you get all the information on the activities happening all around the town.

Make a pick

Now that you’re aware of the options, it’s time to make the pick. Ask children for their opinion. In fact you can ask the children to make the plan, allot them a spending budget and let them do the planning. This would be fun and a learning lesson at the same time.

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